It's A Long Story

It's A Long Story


It's A Long Story is a memoir, a release, and a testimony that A LOT can happen in 6 years. Intrigued yet

This story is a personal one, so grab a comfortable seat and grab your tea. Let's take a trip back in time to visit a younger me, in the last summers of my teenage years. Travel with me from my discovery of Brownsville, Brooklyn at the young age of 16, up until I packed a suitcase and moved across the country to Southern California at the age of 24. 

Laugh with me. Cry. Reflect. 

Help me explore the events that spiraled young love into a relationship charged with domestic violence. Re-live some of the worst moments of my life with me, as well as some of the best. I invite you to come for the story & stay for the sarcasm. 

Allow me to share my journey from self loathing to self love. Watch as I made the unknowing transformation from hopeless to healing. 

I hope you're ready for the ride.


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Victoria Sallie is a New York native that took the leap & now lives in sunny Southern California. In addition to her degree in Sociology, she also has an extensive background in human resources/recruiting, branding and social media marketing.

Victoria's unique skill set and expertise also extends into event planning, speaking, blogging, and writing. In 2017 Victoria founded the start where you are empowerment community MindfullyMOTIV8, which curates wellness events nationally as well as provides resources for those looking to take the leap in their lives & turn their dreams into reality. 

Victoria is also an avid advocate for domestic violence awareness and prevention. She supports the non profit organization Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence, which was founded in San Diego, but now has a headquarters in Colorado.

You can keep in touch with Victoria here.

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