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Updated 10/29/17

At the end of night we danced, we took selfies, and we left with new friendships as well as renewed self confirmation. It was a long night, but one that I was grateful for. 

#REAWAKENLA helped remind me that it's important to always be grateful for wherever you are in your journey, and there's true power in connecting with like minded individuals. I love how it focused on self love and freedom. Excited to work on planning the next #REAWAKEN workshop!

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From the beautiful author Whitney McNulty!

New month, new chance to REAWAKEN.🌻

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The time is NOW to dig deep, and wake up to who you truly are. There are some things inside you that it's time to pull out. There are some visions inside you that it's time to come to life. There are some dreams within you that it's time to birth. So, October 18th, join author & empowerment speaker @whitmcwrites for a night full of breakthroughs, love, freedom and activation. 

Through poetry, writing prompts/mindful journaling, dance and meditation, we will join together to make sure we don't go another day without living purposeFULLy. If you're ready to be transformed, in a judgement free space, hit that link. [] 



5 women met in an intimate space in Silverlake Los Angeles. As they entered the storefront space where the event was to be held, they didn't have an idea of what was to come. 

Both the venue and the theme of the night gave attendees the idea that we were in a safe space. There was a gold beaded hourglass and they even had sage for further cleansing.

We sat on rugs on the floor in a circle, each equipped with a journal, a pen, and a water bottle. We listened to poetry, had a discussion, and really got the chance to start knowing each other (and ourselves) a little better. Our writing prompt was to discuss why we thought we were still here, and what our 'purpose' was. I think that this conversation and prompt were both extremely useful as we got to release previous thoughts that were hindering us, as well as truly reflect on what we believed we were called to do in this world.

Quick Behind the Scenes of event prep in the back of the car on the way to Silverlake from DTLA!


You know you're in heaven when you have a hammock! Although we were at this space at night, I'm sure in the daytime it's even more amazing with natural light!




A table of Post Its, pens, sage, and Awakenings.  We were able to start the event by writing things we loved about ourselves on the Post Its. Although we didn't get the chance to sage the space the way we wanted to, we were able to have our candle lit in the middle of our discussion before we began to dance.