Turning Lack into ABUNDANCE

    Have you ever looked at a looming pile of deadlines, responsibilities, calls, and appointments with despair to the point that you just want to get in bed and stay there?

    That was me going into the month of February.

    When the month started I felt like a deer in headlights. I promised my editor that I’d have the entire first draft of my book completed by the 15th. Valentine’s Day was coming up and I was still single. My first event in San Diego had just been announced and we only sold 2 tickets. As much as I hate to admit this, I was also wrestling with it being my ex’s birthday month.

    I spent the beginning of February as a big ol’ ball of misery.

    A few days into the month though, I realize that I had to make a change if I wanted to do anything other than lay in my bed with an attitude. These are the 4 things that helped me change my perspective from what I didn’t have into how much I DID have. Here’s what transformed February from a month of lack into a month of abundance:

Acknowledge situation + emotions - The first step to combatting my anxiety was confronting what was actually making me anxious. It seems simple enough, but sometimes the process of writing thoughts out on paper (or even in our phones) helps remove mental clutter. I made a list of my goals & responsibilities for the month, then I mapped them out on a calendar in my bullet journal.

I allowed myself to admit that I felt sad when I thought about Valentine’s Day, & when I further questioned why I also realized it was because I wasn’t used to having a ‘special’ or romantic day. I plugged time into my calendar for self care that entire week, and found myself excited to have something to look forward to.

Self love is crucial - Truthfully I was a little apprehensive with the approach of Valentine’s Day and everything that comes with that. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t used to celebrating the occasion with previous boyfriends in a big way. But instead of dwelling on ‘being alone’ or not having anyone physically with me, I decided to dedicate the entire week to myself.

I got my nails & eyebrows done. I booked a chakra massage /intuitive healing at this incredible spa in Mission Valley. I treated myself to dinner. I allowed myself to have things that I wanted, and I reminded myself that I deserved them every step of the way. Because I do.
And so do you. Self care is crucial, kid. Don’t skip out on it. Continue to set a standard of love that you require from both yourself and others. Self love is everything!

Be flexible - Truth be told, I was procrastinating on my book edits. Doing a free write to release & get the whole thing out is hard. Sitting down and actually re-living certain moments when reading them is much harder. So when I sat down & tried to rush through it, I was LIVID when I accidentally deleted all of the edits that I’d made.

Instead of overreacting for once, I decided to be flexible. I gave myself a break and stepped away from editing for a few days. Instead of dwelling on the loss, I told myself that the new edits would be better than the first. I chose to let go of what was already out of my control and focused instead on what was in my power. I wound up sending the ½ of the book I’d completed to my editor, and she read it in one night.

Practice gratitude -I speak about gratitude often, and that’s because it’s so important to me. Practicing gratitude can literally cancel out our feelings of lack. The more time we spend being grateful of what we do have, the less time we have to worry about what we don’t. I write out lists of gratitude when I’m both happy and sad. Gratitude extends to both wins and lessons in life.

The beautiful part is that gratitude can also manifest abundance. As we make the most of what we have, God and the universe are able to give us more!




So with all that said, February was pretty LIT! March is here, and with it comes more ideas, more inspiration, more hurdles. Continued abundance! I’m excited about this month - what about you?

Love & Light!
Victoria Sallie

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