The Keep it Consistent Checklist


Hey - thanks for checking back in! I had such a great response from our 7 Day Peace of Mind challenge, & it's really encouraged me to start sharing content again. With so many day to day responsibilities & different projects that I've taken on, I've found it a little hard to find 'balance' or juggle everything. I was letting days pass me by, each one almost like a blur & without defined purpose.

Since I despise saying that I'm going to taking on challenges if I know I'm going to wind up eventually getting overwhelmed or quitting, when I created this checklist I made it as simple as possible. I personally tested it out on myself for 2 weeks, and I plan on continuing it for another two weeks to hopefully make each practice more common in my day to day.

Keep reading to learn more information, & send me a message to let me know what you think of the checklist! 

Light & Love!

What is the purpose of the Keep it Consistent Checklist?

Our habits are a major piece of personal development. The habits that we have or take on can have a huge impact on us during our journeys. Years of broken New Year's resolutions and falling back into old routines have shown me that successfully maintaining new habits requires more than just wanting to: it also requires a plan.

With that said, the purpose of this checklist is to not only help you visualize and see your goals laid out ahead of you, it’s to also help you hold yourself accountable. Think of it as a reminder each day to do what you said you were going to do 🤷🏾‍♀️

Another thing that I like about this checklist is that it’s realistic. You have the freedom to everything in YOUR timing throughout the day. None of the tasks will take more than a few minutes.  

In addition to the written explanations I've included below, I've also added a downloadable image that you can save and keep on hand for yourself, you know, whenever you need it 😉

How to Use the Checklist

Using the checklist is pretty much self explanatory, but I’ll walk you through the terms. The good news is that you have the ability to customize your checklist by adding or deleting habits you want to take on. These just happened to be what I decided to personally try. Let me know if you've tried these or if you tried something different!

1 Gallon of Water:

Okay honestly, if you can drink a gallon of water everyday, you are the real MVP. I tried, and I realized that this was a little ambitious of a goal for me. Instead, I decided to make sure I at least drank the recommended daily amount. Being properly hydrated throughout the day has a big impact on both our mental & physical health. There are a ton of apps that you can check out in the App Store for tracking your water intake, but I’ve recently started tracking mine in my brand new bullet journal.

Set Intention:

Start your day with an intention. And when I say Intention, I don’t mean ‘5 page to do list’. Before you even get out of the bed or open your eyes, think of one word or phrase that you want for your day. Each day is different, so you may find yourself called to different words or feelings (which is OK!). Assess how you feel, what you need spiritually / emotionally, or even what you’d like to manifest in your upcoming day. If you want to track your intentions, write them in your checklist.

1 Cleansing Breath:

As I mentioned in the beginning of my 7 Days to Peace of Mind Challenge, we should never underestimate the power of deep, cleansing breaths. Breathing is something that we do daily without having to even think about it, but when’s the last time you just stopped in the middle of the day & took an intentional deep breath? Make it a habit to take at least ONE conscious breath per day. It can help ground you when you’re overwhelmed as well as keep you present.

½ Hour Self Care:

   I’m not sure how much you’d personally agree to this,  up I can definitely attest to the fact that I don’t add enough self care to my daily regimen. One day I thought back on the few weeks alone - by the time all my responsibilities were taken care of and it was all said and done, I was shocked to realize that I couldn’t even remember taking more than maybe a few minutes for myself (if even) during the day to check in.

  There are a million things that we can do in the span of ½ hour. So let’s make self care one of them. This isn’t a big commitment either. For just a half hour a day, switch your focus to caring for yourself. This is anything from fitness to taking an extra long shower to reading a book to cleaning your space. Your ½ hour is your time to soothe your soul, body, and mind. Check off the box & write down what you did each day! It can also serve to remind you of some of your favorite things to do if you’re in a rut.



1 Professional or Passion Task:

   You know, I know, everybody knows that people get busy. Yes, we’re goal getting and all, but we all have lives outside of that. And since we can get caught up so much in day to day routines or we’re just so exhausted from the day we had that our to do lists or our passion projects sit to the side.

    Because I personally have a full time job that does require me to work overtime, I can feel guilty when I don’t get all of my other projects done, even if I just worked a 9-10 hour work day. The truth is that if we’re just waiting for a magical block of free time to work on our projects, we’ll never get anything done. So then what’s our solution?

   Compromise. For each day that you decide to use this checklist, perform ONE task that’s for you - either to further your professional goals or to fulfill you creatively. You can either do one separate thing everyday, or you can use this as a habit tracker for something like making sure that you engage on social media.


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