Dance In the Moonlight

Photo Series

Theme: Freedom

Pacific Beach, San Diego

Photography: Whitney McNulty; all photos taken on iPhone 7+

The last two weeks of October were transformational for me. It felt like I was given a chance to see what my life actually could/would be like when I am actually living 100% in my purpose. I was able to do things that scared me, sit in rooms I felt unqualified to be in, and most important of all feel FREE.

We took these photos on the beach in Pacific Beach, SD. While we initially wanted to at least catch 'golden hour', going with the flow definitely wound up having its benefits. Shooting in the dark, on our cell phones no less, forced us to be free and not focus on original plans. We were present and I got to just be. It was also good to be with an old friend!

Freedom = Fearlessly Living Authentically

I also feel like I may get more into aerial yoga and dance again, because movement is something that has always been liberating for me. My body and my mind both love it!

What makes you feel free?


Love & Light!


Victoria SallieComment