A week ago I got the opportunity to spend a few days at the Hilton Checkers in DTLA. I was blessed with the opportunity to plan a workshop event for a close friend for her birthday, in a state that I've only lived in for less than a year. I also had the chance to catch a midweek service at One Church LA, and my friends and I concluded our night having great conversation around a big table at Roscoe's. 


    A lot of big changes have been made in the two weeks it's been since I've launched vsallie.com. And to tell you the truth, at the beginning of the month I was almost sure that I wasn't ready for any of it. I was able to:

    • Design and create two websites (VSallie and Mindfully Motiv8)
    • Shoot with two separate photographers after NEVER having a 'professional' shoot
    • Design and print my new business cards, after not having my 'own' brand since my blog Talk Tresses
    • Successfully plan & assist in the execution of #REAWAKENLA for Whitney McNulty
    • Took my first ever aerial yoga class!!
    • Went on my first road trip 
    • Spoke in a live Facebook discussion about domestic violence and social change with Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence and Christy Mack
    • Spoke at a candlelight vigil for domestic violence angels with a sorority at UCSD 
    • Was officially honored as Volunteer of the Month for BTS

    So.. I've been busy *insert upside down smiley here*. I've been uncomfortable, I've been stressed, I've been humbled, and I've been blessed. These past two weeks have shown me the power of just being open and receptive to things as they come, as well as the power of just DOING. I'm so used to writing down and planning so far ahead that I never actually get started. But this month has been a month of planning and execution. Of just saying f--- it and doing it even if I'm scared, because I know it's going to lead me closer to my purpose, regardless of how it turns out. This month has been me allowing myself to do things that I wouldn't normally do. Growing more comfortable in myself, my abilities, my presence, and my purpose. Understanding that I deserve to be happy, and to be in spaces where my voice matters. Understanding that I also need to bring that same safe haven to others.

    25 is starting off with a big bang, and we're only one month in! 2017 is going to end in a big way, I can feel it already. If you're reading this, I encourage you to take a second to reflect on the goals you set for yourself earlier this month (and if you didn't set any, start writing a list for November). Think about the things that you've been able to accomplish so far and thank yourself for that journey. And then envision where you'd like to be by the end of the year. And choose to do one thing per day that will get you closer to that goal. Define what you want to yourself so that you can recognize it when those opportunities present themselves. And remain open. The biggest blessings can come in unrecognizable packages.

    Remember that you are love and you are light!



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